Order a New Report

Our Fees for New Report

No disbursements. No fees to the Owners Corporation. No charge for the number of copies applicable to the report.

  • $275 – Schemes up to 50 lots
  • $295 – Schemes with 51 to 100 lots
  • $315 – Schemes with 101 to 200 lots

Please call us on 1300 361 774 if the building has over 200 lots for a competitive quote.

* A mileage fee may apply if the strata manager is located more than 30 km from the Sydney CBD.

Streamline Strata Reports

Everything a purchaser needs to know, in order to make an informed decision before buying into a strata scheme. All reports include the following information in a concise and easy to understand format:

  • Details of the building insurance
  • Current balances in both the Administrative and Capital Works funds
  • Levy contributions applicable to the lot you are purchasing
  • Details of any current or possible special levies
  • Quotes for any outstanding works
  • The policy for keeping pets at the building
  • 2 years of Minutes from General and Committee meetings.

We aim to have your strata inspection report ready for you within 2 working days, depending on the availability of the Strata Manager.

Feel free to download and look at one of our sample reports to see for yourself the value of ordering a strata inspection.

Click here to download a free Sample NSW Report.                          Click here to download a free Sample QLD Report.

Ordering a new inspection report is easy, simply click here to fill in our online order form.

Click here to order a New NSW Report.                                             Click here to order a New QLD Report.

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