Vendor’s Report Fees

Streamline Vendor’s Reports

If you’re selling your property (or you’re a real estate agent selling a property) our new Vendor’s report has been designed just for you. It’s an independent, reliable strata report in a simple format. The vendor pays the flat fee* cost of the report and any interested purchasers are able to obtain copies of the report for a reduced price.

Recent changes to the legislation in NSW require real estate agents to disclose all inspection reports carried out by a vendor or potential purchaser when listing a property. Our Vendor’s Report helps simplify this process for those interested in the property.

As an added bonus to the report, the real estate agent will also receive a summary and a link to pass on to any prospective purchasers with instructions (and a discount voucher code) on how to buy a copy of the report for $20.

Any last minute buyers are able to purchase a copy of the report and receive it immediately.

Report fee payable by the Vendor:

  • $295 – Schemes up to 50 lots
  • $315 – Schemes with 51 to 100 lots
  • $325 – Schemes with 101 to 200 lots

Please call us on 1300 361 774 if the building has over 200 lots for a competitive quote.

Discounted copies of the report (with voucher code) only $20.

*A mileage fee may apply if the strata manager is located more than 30 km from the CBD.

Click here to order a NSW Vendor’s Report.

Click here to order a QLD Vendor’s Report.

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